About The Business

I am a fully insured gardener offering environmentally friendly solution to your gardening needs. I use a bike I built myself and a trailer rather than a van, and I use hand tools rather than noisy, polluting petrol machinery. I even have a lawnmower in my trailer, I think it's pretty impressive, you can find out all about it here. I work with wildlife and the environment in mind using only organic products and sourcing materials as locally as possible. All my stationary is printed on recycled paper.

The most sustainable way to deal with your garden (and kitchen) waste is to compost it in your own garden and I can source and/or build you a compost bin if you don't have one. If there's more waste than can be dealt with in your own garden I can arrange for our local recycling heroes at Magpie to come and collect it for composting at the Brighton Community Compost Project at Stanmer Park.

I often get emails from other people wanting to start bike based businesses, here are some details about the equipment I use.

About Me

I always wanted to be a computer guy, ever since I was a kid, right up until six months after becoming one. I paid attention at school, got a computer science degree and got a programming job. I then quickly realised it wasn't for me. I stuck it out for a while, moved to Brighton and another job and stuck it out some more.

I'd always loved gardening; from helping my granny in the garden as a kid to mowing lawns as part of my first job, aged 13. So, I took on an allotment to relieve the tedium of computers and very quickly felt at home with all things green and growing. Some years later and after formalising and expanding my knowledge on a horticulture course with Brighton City College at Stanmer Park I decided to make a living out of my love of gardening. And here I am.

I've always been an environmentalist too I guess. I can remember being outraged when taught about the plight of the whales when I was 10. I did a two month conservation expedition with Trekforce in Indonesia in 1997 and have been involved in various environmental and social justice campaigns over the years.

Why not Get a van like everyone else?

Well, I love cycling. Actually, I really like driving too. I have a full clean driving license and enjoy hiring a car when I'm on holiday or a van occasionally to move big loads around. You just don't need a vehicle in Brighton though, as I've shown running my business all these years without one. I like getting fit riding to jobs. I like that I can maintain the bike myself. My carbon footprint is virtually zero.

There are drawbacks of course. I don't have a van to hide out in when it rains for example...


I'd like to thank my friends Pete and Rob for coming up with the idea of the cycling gardening and for encouraging me to steal their idea and to make it a reality.

I'd also like to thank Josh, The Cycling Gardener, in Norwich who had come up with the idea even before Pete and Rob and who also helped and encouraged me along the way.

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